Welcome to Collection Prestige Paris. Our exclusive range of luxury French Parfum delivers an exceptional aromatic experience. Each scent lingers on the skin and enchants the senses…

… say yes to a touch of prestige.


Each scent in the Prestige Paris collection is handcrafted using the finest selection of raw materials locally sourced from Grasse, France. We rely on a team of Artisans who combine their generations old knowledge with modern innovation, to create, and bring to you, the highest quality of fragrances in the world of high end Parisian perfumery. In our collection, we offer a unique variety of scents to suit all individual tastes and all occasions; catering to those desiring elegance and sophistication, and those searching for their everyday signature scent.
All fragrances in the collection claim an Eau de Parfum (EDP) status, which comprises higher concentration fragrance oil, contain heavier molecules and perfume notes which are stronger and bolder to the nose, improving the sillage and longevity of the scents. Thus, each fragrance will deliver its own exquisite, and exceptionally long lasting sensory experience, exclusive only to Collection Prestige Paris.

This is our promise to you..